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Shoppable Videos Come to Fashion Week

People have been talking about direct-to-consumer fashion week shows for several years now, and it seems Fall 2016 will be the big season.

Everyone knows Fashion Week has undergone a bit of a revolution in the past four years: from industry-only events to consumer-facing productions that have left a lot of people in the industry feeling a bit shaken.

Fashion Week has undergone a bit of a revolution in the past four years.

Thanks to the rise of “instant everything,” even the fashion week seasons have begun to change, much as if the Earth itself had suddenly turned upside down. Here at Fashion Week Online, we’ve even had to rename the seasons so it all makes sense.

The Fédération française de la couture still aren’t having it, but the fact remains that Burberry will be holding two seasonless buy-now shows, and so will Tom Ford and Vetements, among others.

Burberry, Tom Ford and Vetements are just a few brands moving to See Now, Buy Now.

FWO has created this handy-dandy portal so you can enjoy “See Now, Buy Now” with us. We look forward to seeing you for the men’s fashion shows this summer, and then, of course, the “Big 4” women’s shows in September / October.

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